Starting an Infosec Career

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There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of resources on the subject of starting an Infosec Career.

There are even more on what it takes to be a hacker, how to get a job, what to learn, where to learn it, how to learn it....

If a new student is pointed at a list of resources and told to go teach themselves, that is basically the same as telling them to go Google it.

There are arguments in defense of finding the answers yourself, and that is why this course does not hold your hand the entire time. What it does do is point at exactly where your next step in the journey should go and give you the best resource possible.

In this case of starting a career, my recommendation is from Lesley Carhart.

If you want to read a second article, here is one from Daniel Miessler.

Take everything that they say to heart, and don't look for any more articles on starting an infosec career. As much fun as they are to read, they won't be improving your ability. What will improve your ability is to follow this course and trust that the curriculum we developed is more efficient and will result in a better education than anything you could do by yourself.

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