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Doing cool things with computers is hard, and sure, there is an aspect that requires technical knowledge, but mostly, it just takes time.

Doing cool things with computers is less of a technical challenge and more of an attitude and a willingness to work hard and teach yourself what you need to know in order to succeed. Our curriculum here is meant to give you the basic tools you will need to understand the challenges you face, but solving them is going to be on you.

We'll be honest, this isn't easy. This isn't something that will take you a month or two to get the hang of. One of the primary curses of doing cool shit with computers is that each time you learn something, you immediately realize a new pile of things that you do not know. There's nothing wrong with not knowing things, and no one could ever expect you to. Even "experts" will only know a small slice of the greater field that is doing cool things with computers. Expecting anyone to be good at everything is ridiculous, but it is even more ridiculous for anyone to think a beginner should know everything... or really, anything. There's a lot of acronyms, slang, in-jokes, and domain specific knowledge. One of the promises we will make to you is that we will not ever put in an acronym, slang, or in-joke without explaining it.

When you stick with and complete this course, you will be armed with the baseline knowledge and attitude you need to be able to learn anything. Probably the most important skill you will learn is how to use all of your resources effectively, whether that is your classmates, teachers, reference pages, or Google.

Mostly, Google.

It will take a year or two before you get comfortable and stop feeling totally lost every day, but then you'll just start working on harder problems and you'll wind up more confused than you could imagine being now. Being good at computering is a long term process of reinforcing and building on the basic knowledge we will teach you in this course, and it will never end until you decide the computers have won.

Don't let the computers win, and keep learning everything you can.

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