Hacker Attitude

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Read this: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html#what_is

It isn't perfect, but it will do for now until I write a new one.?The biggest problem with this is that the author, while once a famous hacker and important member of the open source movement, is a total asshole. None of the content is bad, but we are in the process of trying to write something to replace all of his content in this curriculum.

While there is a lot in there that is very interesting, the most important part is the hacker attitude.

  1. The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.

  2. No problem should ever have to be solved twice.

  3. Boredom and drudgery are evil.

  4. Freedom is good.

  5. Attitude is no substitute for competence.

These 5 statements provide a reasonable framework for how you should approach learning this material. It should be fun, we shouldn't be wasting your time, and there should be multiple ways for you to succeed.

For now, forget about 5. Competence is the end goal, but the only thing that is expected from a beginner is the right attitude and a willingness to learn. At the end of all this, you will have the attitude and the competence to hold your own anywhere.

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