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One of the key parts of this mindset is sharing knowledge with others. A great quote on the subject is 'There is?nothing noble?in?being superior?to your fellow man; true nobility is?being superior?to your former self.' ?Not to mention, the more you give back to the community, the greater the value you provide. If you're just starting off, you might not think you have anything to provide, but in fact, you're looking at the world with a different perspective than someone who has done it for years. For example, you can provide feedback on when training makes no sense or isn't as effective as it could be, and help make it easier for the next person to go through it. This site is a work in progress and the more feedback we receive the better it will be. ?

With that said, you're definitely going to have questions. There are nearly infinite resources out there, and it is rare that you wind up doing something no one has ever done before. If you think you are there, message someone or make a post in the forum so we can all look for resources, and congratulations. Before that you have google and people here to help you, and we will always try to help in any way that we can. One of the worst things about hacker culture is this idea that someone should ?Read the F-ing Manual? or ?RTFM?. The first recorded use of this was in a user manual for some program in 1979, so it goes way back. On first glance, RTFM is a great response for any question that should have been answered by a casual glance at the manual. The problem with this idea is that a large body of knowledge is usually required to understand the manual, and even before that, you need to know the manual exists. If you are taking this course, there is no possible way you can be expected to understand a manual because you are just getting started.


The most common "manual" you will come across in this course and your travels through hackerdom are the man-pages that accompany every single aspect of the Unix operating system, and they are a great resource for people who have spent years learning how to understand them. Right now, you don?t have the knowledge to be expected to understand how they work, and that is fine. There is no pressure to know anything, but there is pressure to learn.?

The comic web site Xkcd is a nerd cultural treasure and you will see it referenced constantly. Read this comic


You might be thinking to yourself... what is alt-text? Funny you ask that. Depending on your current browser, figure out how to view the web page's source code for https://xkcd.com/1692/. This might require some Googling. What you are looking at is hypertext markup language or HTML for short. HTML is the language that websites are made of. (If you already knew that, good for you, I promise that the rest of the course gets significantly more in depth.) You will learn more later, but for now, look at the code and find where the main picture is stored in the webpage. Now do you understand what alt-text means?

In Defense of RTFM

RTFM gets a bad rap for good reason, because it is usually used as a put down on someone who doesn't know much about a subject... with that said, once you have the knowledge to understand a topic, if you are using that software, you should read the manual. Even if you don't understand the manual, if you are going to ask a question, you might as well reference that you know the manual exists and that what you are asking is referenced, you just need clarification. If you ask questions effectively you will find you understand your initial question and the topic much better than if you had someone explain the answer to just your specific question.


There are very very few questions you are going to ask that Google can't answer. But for right now, you probably don't even know what you should be googling for. Luckily, you have people here who can help you. One of the best questions you can ask people for is for search terms on a subject. That way they don't have to spend time explaining it, and you get all the benefits of doing the research yourself. You might already know some cool google tricks to get better results, but don't worry... we will teach you all of them until you are wise in the ways of Google Fu.

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