Brainwashing and Learning

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As we said before, hacking is a mindset, not a skillset. Sure you'll pick up plenty of useful skills along the way, but the primary benefit of the hacker mentality is being able to look at the world, see a problem you've never approached before, and figure out how to solve it. We are trying to cultivate that mindset, and yes, we are going to try to subtly brainwash you. We're not sorry about it. Genuine interest and drive are the two best indicators of success in this field, and we want to encourage it as much as we possibly can. How do we teach that? How do we measure that? We don't know. If we were pretentious losers we might say we're trying to hack your brain into becoming a hacker. But we're not. So lets call it brainwashing. Are you okay with being brainwashed?*

  • Note: This probably is not legally binding.

Continuous Learning

Learning this stuff isn't easy. The content is difficult, the scope of what there is to learn is tremendous, and the rate of innovation and change in this space makes keeping up seemingly impossible. If you are thinking right now that you'll never learn everything; you're right! There is an infinite amount to learn, so choose the stuff that interests you and learn that. This course is intended to give you a general base of knowledge so that you can succeed with anything you do, but if you want to be great you have to love what you're doing and keep getting after it. For the rest of your time computering, maintain a series of lists. I recommend a Google Sheets file with a bunch of tabs. These are just a few I recommend, I'm sure you'll make more.

  • Questions you don't know the search terms for
  • Questions that google can't answer
  • Things you want to learn how to do
  • Things you want to learn more about
  • Things you want to make or help make
  • Things you want to tell other people about or write about
  • Potential future reading material
  • Links to things you want to remember

We will do our absolute best to help you keep these lists short. There will be section in the Slack for random questions, from ELI5 style to "Make me a tutorial", or you can always just private message it.


You already did this once, let's reaffirm those goals now. Feel free to change things up depending on how things are going.

"Complete this course, as defined as finishing all the content that applies to me, before__"

With most of the goal already defined for you, what you need to focus on is the timeline you want to set for yourself.

Answer these questions:

  1. How much time a week do you want to spend working on this?
  2. How much time a week do you think you will actually have to work on this?
  3. When will you complete this course?

Submit your answers to these questions.

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