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Making goals is easy, what is hard is the follow through.

You have already completed setting your long term goals: Verbalizing your Desired End State.

And in the last section you set your short term goals of how you will accomplish them: Short Term Goals.

If you haven't already, write down your long term and short term goals in a place you will be able to see every day. When I am surfing the internet procrastinating, it is great to have that reminder literally hanging over my head.

I've said it before and I will say it again, publically commit to your goals. The more people who are following along with you, the more pressure you will have to keep improving yourself. I could have quit working on this course at any time for the first four years I was working on it, but the second I reached 10 students there was no looking back.

If you already have posted about your goals, good for you, but reaffirmation or providing updates is a critical part of maintaining motivation.

Click these links to view a pre-written draft for a post on your social media pages. Sharing posts helps you, helps me, and helps any potential student who sees the course.

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