Install Virtualization Tools

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If you are using Hyper-V, you are already good.

Otherwise your VM might have automatically done this for you, or perhaps your guide had you did this. If not, you need to install VMWare Tools for Ubuntu.

If you are using VBox,

You need this for a lot of critical usability things, and it doesn't come pre-installed. You have most likely already seen prompts telling you to do this. Do it. I'll be honest, this can be kinda difficult sometimes, but you gotta figure your own way through this. Again, if you have any trouble, and this takes more than a half hour to figure out, call someone over or message us and we will help you out. There is no shame, I've had VMs before that I gave up trying to install VMWare tools and just sucked it up for a week. You'll be on this VM for a while, so you need to get it installed.

When complete, submit a screenshot that shows it installed.

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