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Using the fantastic site LinuxJourney to learn about Linux history.

Then read, from the same section, Lessons 2 and 5. https://linuxjourney.com/lesson/linux-history

From Linux came Ubuntu, the most common of all Linux operating systems. Read about the OS. https://ubuntu.com/about

Now that this is yours, it is time to personalize it.

Recommended Tasks:

  1. Change Wallpaper
  2. Install Google Chrome
  3. Install Unity Tweak Tool and do something interesting
  4. Install VLC Media Player
  5. Install GIMP and make us all a meme. Post your meme in the Slack.

Going forward, I strongly recommend that you do everything in your Linux VM. That means your homework, checking your emails, listening to music, anything. The more time spent immersed the better off you will be.

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Hoppers Roppers 2020            Date: 2020-06-10 23:06:09

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