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Linux Journey is an amazing site that has the best guides on how to use Linux out there. You are about to enter the world of the command line, the place where "hackers" make their living. It isn't that there is anything particularly hard about the command line, but more that it just looks super intimidating.

When you start there will be a ton of commands for you to memorize, so just write some of them down in a text document for notes or on scrap paper so you don't have to keep going back.

As an important note, there is no real benefit to memorizing all commands that you use if you aren't using them regularly. Most people have cheatsheets taped up or in their home folders so that they don't have to remember the way commands work every time.

That said, it is good to memorize the most common ones, and will occur naturally if you use Linux enough. If I had my way, everyone taking this course would use Linux with no mouse so that you only learn good habits.. but that is asking a lot, so I will only recommend it.

Complete the class located at this link. When working through all of these classes, do all actions listed on the page in your own browser and play around to see how they work.

When you are complete with this section, decide which three commands you learned about that you expect to use the most often and a sentence describing what you would use them for.

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