Representing Data 1

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File formats (and networking protocols, and all sorts of other things on the internet) are defined in documents known as RFCS. Read through the .png format RFC and find where the magic number is defined. Nobody has this content memorized, but when they deep dive into a format or protocol, the RFC has the answers.

Any time you need to deal with a file format, google will provide most of the answers. If you need to dig deeper than that, go to the RFC.

  1. How many bits are used for each character in ASCII?
  2. "01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001" is in binary. Convert it back to ASCII. Do it by hand using the chart.
  3. Alright. Now. Convert 17 in Ascii to Binary and Hex. Do it by hand.
  4. Convert "Go Navy" to Octal, Hex, and Binary. Yes. By hand. Use Google to figure out how.
  5. What does "c2l4dHlmb3Vy" translate to from Base64?
  • It is annoying to do that by hand, but it does help. Here is a tool so that you never have to do that again. Fun fact, it is released by GCHQ, Britain's version of the NSA. Great tool and very useful. There are about a thousand uses for this thing, you can find a bunch on GitHub.

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