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There are hundreds of languages out there, but the language we are going to start with is Python. Python is a fairly simple and easy to learn language, but more importantly, is fast to write and allows advanced you to throw together scripts whenever you need them. There are a ton of great security references and plugins to the language and it allows you to accomplish just about anything you could need to do using just one language. In the future you will learn plenty other languages, but for right now, Python will suffice.

This is going to take a while, but Codeacademy Python is the best way I've found to learn a first programming language. It is all done in an online editor and will let you progress with the appropriate hints.

NOTE: If you already know a programming language and don't need to re-learn what a tuple is, or are already learning Python using a different site or course, let us know. We can customize your experience here, there is no hard rule you have to use Code Academy.

Keep us updated in chat on your progress, we will be reaching out to you too. When you are done, submit a screenshot of your completion certificate!!

So you know a language now, right? Congratulations! The thing to remember is that all skills, if not used, will slowly atrophy. My recommendation is to constantly challenge yourself to maintain your skill level so when you have to write a program, you can whip something up immediately without having to relearn the syntax... or you can just ignore it completely and when the need arises, spend a half hour fumbling until you remember enough to get it working. Both of those are completely valid ways to maintain proficiency in a language. This course won't teach you any more languages, but if you continue in this pipeline you will learn C and some low level assembly.

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