Disc Partitioning and Backing Up Data

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Disc partitioning is the most common dangerous activity you will undertake as a nerd.

For the most part, people use it so they can run Windows and Linux on the same hardware, choosing which OS to run at boot time. It allows the full use of the processor, no virtualization required.

The down side is that it is complicated and prone to errors. There is very little reason to worry about the complexities of disc partitioning early in the game.



We have already discussed this in Linux commands you need to watch out for, but again, any time you are using 'dd', 'mkfs', or anything else related to hard drives. You will delete a hard drive at some point. It happens. Have backups of everything before things go wrong.

Read this for a decent understanding of what is going on with the 'dd' command and just remember to always be relaxed and slow when playing with fire. https://opensource.com/article/18/7/how-use-dd-linux

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