Outdated Extensions and Permissions

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A long time ago, you might have used a FB addon that made cool faces on your profile picture, or a Chrome calendar extension that allowed you to remember your mom's birthday. Well, now the original coders got bored and sold it to some shit ass criminals who are using it to steal your shit. At one point they were good, now they are bad, and you need to get them off your shit. Most of the time, Malwarebytes can catch extensions on your computer, or Chrome will identify them as bad. Identifying evil browswer extensions will almost always be caught by the browser developers before you realize.

However, you still gotta get the addons and permissions out of your accounts.

All of these tasks are Googleable.


  1. Check email for devices you have given permissions to.
  2. Check email for services you have given permissions to
  3. Check FB for addons
  4. Check Twitter for addons
  5. Check any other sites you can think of for addons.

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Hoppers Roppers 2020            Date: 2020-06-10 23:05:02

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