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Roppers Things Worth Doing to Get Better:

This is a rough list of things that will actually make you better and more employable if you do them, rather than doing another Udemy course, watching YouTube videos, or reading blogposts. Cough.

Get Good at Security:

What You Need to Do:

  1. First things first, computing fundamentals comes before security. The best way to learn the fundamentals is my Ropper’s Computing Fundamentals Course. Don’t think there is a right way or wrong to enter the field, just make sure you can tread water technically before jumping into security.
  2. The next thing is to learn networking, and I mean actually learn networking. Do the Roppers Learn Networking with CTF course.
  3. The next step after attaining enough technical knowledge to be dangerous is to build a home lab. This doesn’t mean you need server racks, just at least a computer that can run 2+ VMs at a time. Do this: da667’s VM Lab Training
  4. Set up a Security Onion instance and learn every single tool on it
    • No seriously. Do this.
  5. Set up Kali and Metasploitable and learn how to use Metasploit, but only so that you can create good logs for security onion
    • At least 95% of security jobs are purely defensive. Practice like you play. this is the single most beneficial thing you can do.
  6. Do all the labs on this site:
  7. Set up a honeypot that faces the internet and do something with what you catch. Look at the logs in Security Onion.

If you have done all of these things, documented them and can talk about them well, make it to an interview and don’t get the job, let me know. Everything else on this page is gravy.


Books Worth Reading


Get Good at Programming:

Personally I think this is as important as getting good at security, but the other stuff is way more fun, plus it’s easier to put on your resume and talk about in your interview.

Random Projects to Become a Better Computer Scientist:

Learn C with Projects:

Learn Python with Projects: