Welcome to the Roppers Library

Hey, I’m Dennis, the dude behind Roppers.

I put all the things I’ve written about Roppers and security in one place so you can hunt them down easier.

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Ropper’s How to Hack

A replacement for the famous hacker-how-to that is actually meant for beginners.

Ropper’s Roadmap

The roadmap for students to follow so they never have to look for the correct next step or good resources ever again.

How to Start Your Own CTF Team

A guide for high school and college students who are interested in starting a CTF team at their school.

How to Join a CTF Team

A writeup on the experience of joining a CTF team for a complete beginner.

Competency Based Cyber Education

A whitepaper I wrote in 2017 outlining the goals of a competency based, self-paced education platform to teach cyber security. Basically outlines the entire vision and philosophy of this site.

Getting Hired

How to Break Into Tech

My contribution to the 1000s of papers on the subject, but I provide actionable steps rather than platitudes and lists of resources.

How to Break Into Security

Another contribution to the 100s of papers on the subject, with actionable ways forward to get a job.

Things Worth Doing to Get Good at Security

My detailed game plan of things worth doing for anyone who wants to become good at security and get a job.

Infosec Cert Roadmap

Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer you get good at security rather than study for certs, but hey, here we are.

Interesting Projects

My brief list of interesting projects that are worth doing.

Course Contents

Computing Fundamentals

The full contents (though unupdated) of Ropper’s flagship Computing Fundamentals course.

CTF Fundamentals

The full contents (though unupdated) of Ropper’s CTF Fundamentals course.

Coming Soon

How to Train Your CTF Team

A guide on how to use Roppers to train your CTF team.

Beginner’s Guide to CTFs

A guide to getting started playing in CTFs.

Blog Posts