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Roppers Academy Choose Your Own Adventure

There are limitless resources out there to teach you the basics of computing and security, and finding the right place to start with that many options is almost impossible.

Our philosophy at Hopper’s Roppers is that we provide you this straightforward roadmap and accompanying curriculum, and if you follow it, you will be better prepared for whatever comes next than any student who attempts to teach themself.

We aren’t saying that this is perfect, but we are very confident this is the best way to learn.

If you already know what you want to learn, click the links below. Otherwise, continue down the page and we will help find the right training for your skill level and what you want to improve.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

The following is a choose your own adventure game where we will attempt to help new students find their way to the best resources for their current skill level. For the most part, you should follow the main track as a beginner so that you improve on pace with the difficulty of the material. Click the hyperlinks to find the training that is right for you!

1. Linux

Do you feel comfortable on a Linux command line? Are you comfortable with computing fundamentals such as how hardware and operating systems work?

2. Python

Do you feel comfortable writing a Python script which would scrape a website and email you the most recent articles?

3. Learn Fundamentals or Compete in a CTF

Depending on what you want to get out of this, you can either take our comprehensive computing fundamentals course, skipping the Linux and Python sections you have already completed, or you can advance forward to take a course on the basics of Capture the Flags, or a course on practical security.

Intro. to Computing

This is our flagship course, designed to give a beginner in the cyber security field the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the field. It teaches security fundamentals along with building a strong technical foundation that you will build on for years to come.

Learning Objectives: Hardware, Networking, Operating Systems, Power User

Intro to Capture the Flags

Learn the basics of what is required to be successful in Capture the Flag competitions and compete in the picoCTF event.

Learning Objectives: CTFs, Forensics, Cryptography, Web-Exploitation

Introduction to Security: How Security Works in the Real World

Learn security theory and execute defensive measures so that you are better prepared against threats online and in the physical world.

Learning Objectives: Security Theory, Practical Application, Real-World Examples

4. Capture the Flags

How do you feel about solving network and host forensics challenges?

5. Crypto

Do you know anything about the basics of cryptography?

6. Web

How much do you know about Web exploitation?

7. C Programming and RE

How do you feel about writing C and reversing it using a debugger?

8. Pwning

How do you feel about writing a buffer overflow with no stack protections?

You got to the end of the choose your own adventure. Contact the Training Group if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations.

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