Cyber Security Education Roadmap

There are limitless resources out there to teach you the basics of computing and security, and finding the right place to start with that many options is almost impossible. This is our framework to get any beginner the foundational knowledge they need to be successful in any corner of security industry.

Our philosophy at Ropper’s Academy is that we provide you a straightforward roadmap and accompanying curriculum, and if you follow it, you will be better prepared for whatever comes next than any student who attempts to teach themself entirely. With the right security learning path, anyone can teach themselves whatever they need to know, but without one they might be paddling the wrong direction.

On the other hand, the Ropper’s Roadmap, which is where you are right now, is entirely focused on learning new material in the most efficient and entertaining way possible. It’s a work in progress and will have you learn a great deal of very varied information. This is focused on how to teach yourself anything, and we provide the steps you need to take to learn.

Computing Fundamentals

Ropper’s flagship course focuses on Computing Fundamentals and will teach you most of what you need to know to be successful, no matter what your starting experience is. Taking you from installing your first Virtual Machine and writing your first python script, to learning advanced Linux sysadmin knowledge and coding complex networking tasks, this course is zero to hero in a very fun manner. If you think you already have experience, I guarantee everyone will learn something new here so it is worth working through the parts that interest you.

Security Fundamentals: Theory and Practice

In Security Fundamentals we will provide the context needed to develop a technical understanding of security and how different roles fit into this. This course teaches the mental models, online tools, and general vocabulary required to understand where security fits into the modern world.

We then follow that course up with Technical Security Fundamentals which is our attempt at creating an advanced course that uses hands-on lessons to teach how real security professionals do their jobs.

Networking Fundamentals

In this course you will learn how networking works at a practical level before you go and hit the books to learn networking on a theoretical level. Once you finish the Ropper’s practical material, use Professor Messer’s Comptia Network Course to get the theoretical knowledge you are looking for. Or you can just not… Networking is super easy to fake as long as you are comfortable with Wireshark and troubleshooting. At Roppers, we are all about getting hands on and figuring it out from there.

Capture the Flag Basics

CTF’s won’t get you hired, but it will teach you a lot of material very quickly, as well as be a super entertaining way to do it.

Roppers CTF Fundamentals

Once you finish this course, you’ll be ready for any CTF out there, and you should check out picoCTF and TryHackMe to get some more practice. Not yet though… I promise, this course is worth it.

The Hard Stuff

Reverse engineering, binary exploitation, shellcoding, writing portable code…

To do “The Hard Stuff” you will need to learn C. Then you will need to use that knowledge of C to learn Assembly. Then you will need to use that knowledge of Assembly to become a Wizard. You can’t just skip any of these steps. Follow them in order.

Web Exploitation

I don’t care about web exploitation. Go and learn bug bounty somewhere else.

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