How to Learn C Roadmap

Teaching yourself C is very difficult, but it is doable.

To start, get a copy of K&R aka The C Programming Language.

Begin working through it, either writing the code yourself or using example code from this solutions guide.

In parallel, do the h0mbre C Course. Work through as much of h0mbre’s material as you can until you get stuck, and then look up the correct chapter in K&R.

Keep doing this until you have finished all of the assignments in the h0mbre course.

This will take a while, but the secret is to use the two in parallel.

Don’t worry about learning advanced data structures or algorithms beyond what is in h0mbre’s assignments.

Once you are done with this curriculum, you will be ready for more advanced material along this path like reverse engineering and binary exploits.

If you are interested in getting a more complete Computer Science education, work through the Open Source Society University curriculum. It is excellent.

Overall, getting good at this involves writing a ton of code, reading a ton of code, and generally exposing yourself to challenging projects on a regular basis.