The Best Place to Take Your First Steps Into Security

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This is the only site on the internet that walks a complete beginner all the way through the process of developing a strong foundation in the fundamentals. Everyone wants to start learning, but very quickly they realize that there is no set path for them to follow.

Some people will say that is a good thing and that everyone should learn their own way. We strongly disagree.

By providing a clearly defined first step and the way forward from there, our students graduate with the knowledge they need of the fundamentals, a firm grasp on the hacker mentality, and the confidence that they can learn anything if they put the time in.

Roppers Academy Core Tenets:

  • No initial expectation of knowledge
  • Understanding foundational theory comes before building technical skills
  • Developing fundamental technical skills lays the groundwork for future success
  • Knowledge must be actionable
  • There is no “I Believe” button
  • The measure of a community is how they treat those who are trying to gain entry

By managing new learners’ expectations of themselves, providing constant quantified feedback on their progress, and bringing them into the community, Roppers Academy is designed to minimize dropout rate while providing the best first few hundred hours of a cyber security education possible.

The students who complete our introductory courses receive the best introduction to the field possible and have the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to figure out what the next ten thousand hours will require them to learn.

Check out our courses!