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Gamified, hands-on curriculum designed to make students with no technical background fall in love with computing and security. Our curriculum is freely available under a non-commercial license, and we are in the process of building teacher's guides for our material so it is even easier to share with your classroom.

Introduction to Computing Fundamentals

Take a student from zero to hero.

This is our flagship course, designed to give a beginner in the cyber security field the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the field. It teaches security fundamentals along with building a strong technical foundation that you will build on for years to come.

Learning Objectives: Linux, Hardware, Networking, Operating Systems, Power User, Scripting

Pre-Reqs: None

Material: Computer

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We have hundreds of hours of curriculum that we can help you teach. We can provide the content, the platform, and the tech support, you do the hard work of keeping them motivated! If you are interested, contact us or reach out in the #educators channel on our Slack!

Introduction to Capture the Flags

Learn the Skills Required to Compete in CTFs

Learn the fundamentals required to be successful in Capture the Flag competitions and compete in the picoCTF event.

Learning Objectives: CTFs, Forensics, Cryptography, Web-Exploitation

Pre-Reqs: Linux, Scripting

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Introduction to Security

How Security Works in the Real World

Learn security theory and execute defensive measures so that you are better prepared against threats online and in the physical world.

Learning Objectives: Security Theory, Practical Application, Real-World Examples

Pre-Reqs: Roppers Computing Fundamentals

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Why We Want to Help

Our goal is Roppers in every school district by 2025. Every high school should have a CTF team, and most middle schools as well. There's no excuse for a college not to have a CTF team at this point, but we are here to help. We do all the easy work, you get students in seats and ready to learn. Together, we educate the future.

The training portion of the site is designed to teach core competencies and more importantly, provide a wide base of knowledge on how to find and use the resources available. Students can't learn everything, but we can give them everything they need to be prepared for whatever comes next.