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This course will not teach you how to be a hacker or a pentester. During this course you will learn theory, application, and examples of real-world threats and build a mental model for yourself about how this field works.

The course is designed to be accessible for a student with no prior knowledge, but is worthwhile for any seasoned expert to take so that they can learn more about the subjects they have never had to dive into. A graduate of this course should be confident that they are fully prepared to continue their security education and protect themselves and others online.

Designed for Novices

This course assumes students have a general level of technical knowledge. A student can be a complete begineer, but they are better off learning some fundamentals before taking this.


We set the curriculum, you set your schedule. We take you step by step from first principles so that you have a holistic understanding of the field you are studying. No matter how deep you get into the weeds, instructors are available for assistance to keep you moving forward.

Time Investment

This course takes hundreds of hours for the average beginner. It is a lot of reading and a lot of writing, though there is some hands on work. This is a self-guided journary where you will learn how to be comfortable in the deep end. Instructors are always available and we won't let you drop out unless you want to.

What You Will Learn

You will leave this course with the ability to protect yourself and others online, along with having a base of knowledge to build on for the rest of your career. You will be comfortable writing and speaking about risk and the threats we face online. This course does not teach any hacking techniques whatsoever. It teaches you self-defense and how to think about the problems you face.

To be truly good at security requires you to be a self-motivated learner and constantly seek out new information and new skills. For some reason, there seems to be an expectation that a beginner must be able to immediately jump in the deep end and figure it out from there. I made this course for my past self, who would have given anything to have a curriculum and a clear path forward, instead of stumbling through tweets, blog posts, google searches, forums and chatrooms for five years in search of knowledge. This course will teach you everything you need to continue your education on your own, or to stick with us and continue following the path we are building with our students.

The Curriculum

Introduction to Insecurity

  • Risk
  • Security Principles
  • Killchain
  • Malware
  • How Attacks Work

Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • Malware Defense
  • Passwords
  • Network Safety
  • Real World Safety
  • OpSec

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I am the Strike Officer on USS Decatur (DDG 73) so my day job consists of ensuring the missiles and launchers are maintained, driving the ship, and appreciating sunsets. I am working to lateral transfer into the Cyber Warfare Engineer community. By night I am an independent security researcher who is into education, malware command and control, and endpoint hardening. Back in school I was on our competitive Cyber Security Team and focused on building training for new members. I made this website to continue the work I had done and to share it with the widest audience possble.

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