Community Roppers Academy

The Purpose of Community

The strength of any site, from GitHub to HackForums, is drawn from the strength of the community. The willingness to teach, to help, and to learn is what differentiates the great sites from the good sites, because no matter how good the content is, it doesn’t mean much if there is no one to share it with. We are working to engineer this community to be the best hub of information security knowledge it can be, based off of the principles outlined in our Philosophy, our Community Guidelines, and the best interests of our members.


A borderline magical group messaging application that we use for pretty much everything. Channels are created for specific topics, and nearly every single part of this site or group in this community has a channel.

Click here to join our Slack.


We don’t have a conference, yet, but we will someday. Maybe just online for now, but everyone needs speaking experience.