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Self-paced introduction to the world of Linux development.

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If you're looking for a place to learn how to write a fully featured implant in a low level language that isn't a 12 year old post on a Russian language forum, you're in the right place!

This is a self-paced curriculum that was made to help students learn the basics of Linux CNO development in a completely unclassifed setting. This course is meant for a student with some C/C++ experience who is looking for a fun project to show off their expertise.


A decent amount of C/C++ is required. You don't need to be an expert, but you need to be able to figure out problems yourself. Also, don't be a criminal.


We set the curriculum, you set your schedule. This is not a walkthrough, we point you at resources and give you difficult tasks. No matter how deep you get into the weeds, instructors are available for assistance to keep you moving forward.

Time Investment

This course takes as long as you want, but likely under two hundred hours, depending on your comfort with C/C++ and how much time you spend adding features to your implant. This is a self-guided journey with instructors avaialable to help answer questions and troubleshoot.

Our goal isn't to teach you how to hack, our goal is to teach you how to learn.

The Curriculum Everything You Will Learn

Prior Art

  • cd00r
  • Turla
  • Rootkits


  • Architectures
  • Libraries
  • Static/Dynamic
  • Stripped

Custom Implant

  • Dummy Payload
  • Adding State
  • Generating Payload
  • Python Generation
  • Download and Run File

Advanced Payloads

  • Reverse/Bind Shells
  • Shellcode
  • Dynamic Shellcode Generation
  • Persistence


  • Packers
  • Crypters
  • Protectors
  • Binders

Command and Control

  • C2 Basics
  • Adding C2
  • Creating Tasks


  • Rootkit Basics
  • LD_Preload
  • Detecting Rootkits
  • Advanced Rootkits

User Interface

  • Implant Generator
  • Implant Management
  • Logging
  • Command and Control
  • Maintenance

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Course Is Not Publically Available

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