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Why competition?

The best way to learn a topic is to dive into it, spend hours learning, and then get addicted to the feeling of knowing more than you did before. As a result, nothing gets the blood flowing and the brain juices buzzing like a competition. For security, that manifests itself as Capture the Flags.

We believe competition is the best way to build motivation and skills in our students, so we built a course to teach CTF basics, how to use essential tools, and common problem types to prepare our students to compete by themselves. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals so that when faced with challenges, in competition or the real world, our students understand the problem, know the resources they have available, and are able to solve it themselves.


This is a fast-track where you will be following walkthroughs most of the way through. When you start your first competition we take a step back and will provide support when you need it.

Beginner Friendly

This course assumes you are comfortable with basic scripting and use of Linux. If not, we recommend you sign up for our courses: Introduction to Computing Fundamentals or our Essential Skills Bootcamp.


You set your schedule for this course.

No matter what, instructors are always available and we won't let you drop out unless you want to.

What You Will Learn

This course will teach you everything you need to jump into a beginner CTF and crush Forensics, Cryptography, and Web Exploitation problems. We will point you towards the best references and the best resources to learn by yourself going forward, along with always being available to answer your questions and help out in events.


  • CTFs
  • Our Team
  • Methodology
  • Note-Taking
  • Required Skills

File Forensics

  • Representing Data
  • File Formats
  • File Carving
  • Metadata
  • Steganography

Host Forensics

  • Forensics Principles
  • Storage
  • Tools
  • Walkthroughs

Memory Forensics

  • Volatile Storage
  • Tools
  • Walkthroughs

Network Forensics

  • Wireshark and tShark
  • Networking RFCs
  • Walkthroughs


  • Crypto Math
  • Classical Ciphers
  • XOR
  • Modern Ciphers
  • RSA

Web Exploitation

  • Web Fundamentals
  • Methodoloy
  • SQL Injection
  • Command Injection
  • XSS


  • In this section, students work through the 2019 picoCTF by themselves with the help of our instructors.
  • Students document their work and contribute writeups so that they can teach others.

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